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Mediation/Collaborative Law If traditional litigation adds to your stress during a time of family or business upheaval, many parties are now turning to mediation, conciliation or collaborative law in an effort to avoid the expense and difficulties of litigating in an overcrowded court system. These options provide the parties with the ability to reach solutions driven by their own goals on their own timetable with more control over how the case unfolds. Attorneys trained in mediation take off their legal hat and put on their mediator's cap to assist parties to find their own solutions. The lawyer then commits the agreements to a legal memoranda that may be submitted to court for final approval. That also ensures that the agreements are enforceable by court action if ever necessary or if unforeseen issues arise later. Conciliation provides a evaluative approach by the attorney while still helping the parties to find the solution they can both live with. Lawyers trained in collaborative practice belong to a network of professionals who use a particularly successful model to bring all appropriate professionals together to assist parties in finding creative and respectful ways to resolve legal issues.

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